Men’s Ministry

Welcome to the Brotherhood of the Greater True Faith Missionary Baptist Church, where our motto is “Experience Greater.” We are a united band of brothers who are motivated to encourage and equip other men to be the best they can be, and to live up to their God-given potential according to scripture under the leadership of our esteemed shepherd Pastor Ben Roy Lillie Sr.
Welcome to the Brotherhood!

Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministry consist of women from the ages of 35 and up who come together to work in support of the church. It is our experience that prayer is necessary so we engage in monthly fasting. We have an outreach program that reaches those who need us. Hosting special events at nursing homes and other places during holiday seasons brings us joy because sometimes we are the only visitors that many will receive. Our Ties that Bind Fellowship has been established to ensure that if there is a need within the ministry, it can be communicated, addressed, and resolved with dignity and love. Our leader continues to encourage us to be willing to make the sacrifice in order to reach our goals so that God gets the glory. We work hard to make a statement through our work that women can grow by having the Word of God in their lives.

Christian Education Ministry

Christian Education is charged with the purpose of reaching and teaching children and families—to help them become fully devoted followers of Jesus. Each Sunday morning we look to equip our attendees through scripture, discussion and practical application with the resources they need to impact not only their lives weekly but our community with the love of God.

Classes offered are Adults, Young Professionals and the Garden. The Garden is a department with two age-divided classes: Teen Time (ages 10-16) and Genesis (ages 3-9). The teachers bring lessons designed to engage and educate the students on Christian living. Join us each Sunday at 8:00am for an hour of excitement, encouragement, and empowerment.

Young Professionals Ministry (YPC)

YPC represents the commitment of the Young Professionals of Greater True Faith Missionary Baptist Church to outreach. Our outreach extends to our core membership and beyond. In our pursuit to grow the Young Professionals for Christ, our main focus is to ensure spiritual growth. Our goal is to reach as many young professionals, as God will allow. Our outreach programs include witnessing, programs, activities, seminars, and access to our Colleges / Universities.

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry consists of believers who are committed to enhancing worship through song. We support our Pastor and the other ministries of the church when they need music provided at home or away. We believe that it is our job to shift the atmosphere, if necessary, whenever we are given the chance and to always Lift HIM Higher. Based on God’s Word through our Pastor’s teaching, we are equipped to worship HIM in spirit and in truth. We thank God that we can also be found reaching out to help others, literally, as God loves a cheerful giver!

Ushers Ministry

The church usher is the first official representative seen when entering the church. The Ushers Ministry serves as the church door keeper to ensure that worshippers feel welcome in a warm and friendly way. The Usher Ministry takes pride in its job to greet people, assist worshippers, and handle the needs of those in attendance at any of the services.

Outreach Ministry

As believers we are charged to go into the highways and byways and compel men unto Christ. In the Outreach Ministry we provide avenues for us to do this collectively. Through community service, programs for families and social media we endeavor to connect men, women, boys, and girls to Christian solutions for life.

Youth Ministry

The Garden, for children ages 3-16, is designed to allow them to flourish in the knowledge of Jesus Christ and bible teaching at their own pace. It is filed with games, activities, and creative learning that suit the learning style of each child. Learning about Jesus Christ and his teachings are the foundation of The Garden.

Deacons and Ministers Ministry

As Ministers called by God we are blessed to serve with a Pastor truly anointed by God. Our mission is to assist the ministry through the leadership of Pastor Ben R. Lillie, Sr.

And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry. I Timothy 1:12

Deaconess and Ministers Wives Ministry

Deaconess and Ministers’ Wives are a group of inspirational women who service and assist the church in many capacities to further the Kingdom. We seek to raise our womanhood to the highest levels of service and achievement. We service our community through nursing homes, food and clothing drives. We also visit our sick and shut-in members and partner with volunteer organizations to quarterly assist at the Veterans Hospital.